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Rita Webb Film Appearances


Directed By: Montgomery Tully

Part: Shop Keeper

Rita Webb's first appearance (of four) in the Scotland Yard strand of films, one brief scene for Rita here as shop keeper (complete with R on her apron!) she looks much trimmer than usual and is first seen serving a little girl as a voice over says ‘Detectives talked to the shop keepers from whom he had bought the daily necessities’ Rita responds as she serves customers outside on the fruit and veg stool ‘yes I know him, chap with a beard’ the detectives ask he ‘good customer?’ she responds in a matter of fact manner ‘well he was always alright for a few pounds of taitters and a cauliflower now and again, but you just try and sell him some peaches and grapes, still he paid cash anyway’ The she turns to serve another customer and asks her ‘Peas dear?’ ‘There lovely’ the seen dissolves into another scene in another shop where a stack of tinned peas are the first items in shot.

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