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Another three years would pass before Rita appeared with Benny for the final time Rita appears as a silent onlooker in the "Gallery" sketch where Benny is very hungry. His wife (Helen Horton) won't give him any of the food in her basket so Benny ends up going into the painting on the wall which comes alive. Rita is seen in the background as one of the people in the painting.
Rita in green coat and head scarf is also seen in the gallery with Bob Todd as Benny steals their grandsons ice cream and the couple pull him away.

Rita's finest moment comes in this sketch, playing the part of a medieval barmaid. Benny is "Chirpy Chuckles" wearing a bright orange wig, he is sitting with his pal (Bob Todd) outside the "George and Dragon Inne" Rita is standing by the sign of the pub and Benny shouts at her "I say is George in?" Rita storms over to them shouting, "Don't you be cheeky" her friend follows behind and Rita quips "Ere do you know Ellie-May?" Benny replies "No, but thank you for the tip." and carries on eating. Ellie tells him "Ere you're not allowed to eat yer own food ere." (Benny swaps his food with Bob Todd) and Ellie snaps "Pack it in, do you wanna get me in trouble?" Benny in mischievous voice replies "Yeah, what time do you knock off?" in which Rita replies "I'll be going off soon" Benny insults her shouting "You've been going off for years you have" Ellie ticks him off "Oh, don't talk to her like that, she's a real treasure" Benny fires back another insult "Well what do you wanna go and dig her up for." Rita replies "Beauties only skin deep." again Benny insults her "Well you was born inside out then, weren't yer." Rita spits back "We're all sisters under the skin." Benny enjoying every moment shouts "Well get back under yer skin and send yer sister out." Rita by this stage has had enough and shouts at him "I've never been so insulted in all my life!" and storms off as Benny shouts behind her with glorified venom "You must have been!" 

5th March 1980

The next scene sees Benny as the same character being a court jester. Rita is playing a nun and is sitting next to Jack Wright as the priest. Bob Todd arrives (as a different character and walks past Benny who starts to sing his rhyming song, Jack Wright shouts out "What about the nun" (Rita) Benny carries on singing about her then Rita interrupts him shouting "Priest, the priest!" and Benny carries on until he eventually insults the king (Henry McGee) which leaves him twitching nervously.

Rita's first "Benny Hill Show" repeat after her death came on 23rd September 1981 including the joyous Milk Marketing board song (although a "Benny Hill Show" repeat was aired the day after her death on 31st August 1981 for bank Holiday monday). The programmes themselves have been repeated regularly all over the world and are widely available on video and DVD

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