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This was the final 70's show Rita would appear in. She gets a few words of dialogue in the now famous "Starsky and Hutch" sketch as Rita (donning a long black wig) shouts in an American accent at Benny's "Starsky" "So you got here at last! Have yer brought the money?" Benny thinking she is 'Slimey Sue' shoots her, Rita screams and falls backwards and as Benny finds out that 'Slimey Sue' is really the young dolly bird he was savng, the camera zooms back to Rita lying dead on top of Benny (as Hutch)

In this silent filler we see good old Jack Wright doing the head slapping to Benny for a change in a department store gag, Rita appears as one of the customers who faints when she thinks that Benny has dropped his trousers (it is actually a dummy) lying on the ground in black trousers she awakes to see Benny standing next to her and faints again

23rd March 1977

In this bizarre sketch Benny is competing in the first Granny of the year show and Rita comes along as Granny Smith, when Benny goes to jump on her back and ride her, Rita is switched for someone else who wears an old woman's mask and the race begins. 

Rita appears in the background as a party guest in this speeded up film as Benny tries to run away from his wife who directly after the wedding is getting fatter and fatter by eating everything in site. The wife chases Benny and guest follow in tow. Rita is wearing a bright yellow coat and big floppy hat.


A funny 30 second solo effort from Rita as she looks out of the window and spots a peeping tom, she calls for her husband George as she excitedly tells him the peeping tom is wearing the same clothes that he has before she realise peeping tom and her husband George are one and the same person!

The final sketch sees Benny singing a catchy song "The Streakers Ball" for the Milk marketing company, the entire cast are involved as "Benny's band" and Rita can be seen singing along with the rest of them in the background (she is playing a flute) it is possible to see how short Rita was to the rest of the cast in this great number.

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