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Benny and Patricia Hayes are a couple who hate each other, and the next door neighbour wants to do a bit of wife swapping. Benny thinks that the neighbours' daughter is really his wife, so let's Patricia go next door to have hanky-panky with him. 
Left alone with the young girl, Benny thinks his luck has changed, and then she tells him she hopes he likes 'Mummy' and Rita appears at the door. It's a real nice scene as Rita comes in with a big cake and ice cream Sundays, speaking in her posh voice. It's really sweet because they both sit on the sofa and Benny is so bold over by Rita and her cakes he starts to relax and enjoy being with Rita.. 

27th January 1971

Rita appears briefly showing Benny her knickers (pulls up her skirt) in a mock soap powder advert.
The show was in black and white because of a technical strike, hence the reason for it not being shown on TV for over 30 years.

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