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This show saw Rita playing a soft-Porn Star whose young attractive agent Benny thinks is the "real" star. After Benny thinks that the young stunner will be his bed partner in the film he rushes in to the casting directors office begging him for the part. Rita arrives in the waiting room, wearing a mink stole, beige coat and a white hat with feathers in it. Rita says to the young girl (in posh voice) "Hello dear, sorry I'm late. Has he seen you yet?" she tells her that Benny is arranging the deal, Rita tells her "Oh good that's my girl" Benny comes out telling her that he got the part, Rita looks at Benny and says "Oh I think he's smashing" Henry McGee comes out and takes the young girl into his office to finalise the deal, leaving Benny in the reception with Rita, he looks bemused as Rita says "She's the best agent I've ever had." and grabs hold of him excitingly shouting. "Oh boy am I gonna enjoy working with you! Come on let's start here, come on cor." The camera closes in on Rita hugging Benny as he looks on in despair.


Rita appears in the silent sketch "Hotel Sordide" as a French maid who as Benny's sidekick makes Jack Wright's stay a misery. Rita leans over the counter chewing gum and laughing at Benny's actions toward Jack. As the scene progresses we see Benny and Rita steal Jack and partner's shoes from outside their room, Rita puts the shoe to her own shoe to see if it will fit and skips off down the corridor with Benny. Later in the sketch Rita gets to slap Jack's head as she gaily marches into the room demanding he get out of bed. Eventually she is pushed into the bath, landing on top of Jack who is soaking in it.


A tv announcer introduces the first television presentation in this country of the curtafay ballet company, we see Benny hnd on head wearing a silk shirt, as the scene progresses you can hear three people talking over the top of the action, "what is he suppose dto be doing" Benny's off-screen character quips, "He's been locked up" Rita spouts back, Benny replies, "I'm not surprised, dressed like that, great nancy" Another female character states "I think he looks quite manly" Benny retorts "They're all the same them ballet dancers, I mean their all like that. Rita adds "Our milk man goes to ballet classes, and his quite normal" Benny butts in "what Cyril, normal, I tell you he ain't" Girl proclaims "well I know he is" Benny reacts annoyed "what did you say?" and Rita shh's em' saying "i'm watching" Benny - "Well if his normal, why's he running away from her?" I mean if she was in my cell, you wouldn't catch me trying to escape, i'd take me punishment like a man" Rita laughs, "Ha, Ha, HA, hark at old once a fought night" Benny replies "don't be vulgar in front of the child" the scene continues with more comments,eventually you hear Benny's character complain "Why can't we have more people like us on tv, we are your typical tv audience" and the camera switches to the three in front of the telly, Rita sitting on a sofa dressed in bowler hat and suit, puffing a cigar with Benny next to her. 

The final scene to feature Rita in this episode is one of the most memorable and is the ONLY "Webb" scene featured in "The Best Of Benny Hill" compilation film.
Rita plays the part of an actress who keeps forgetting her lines-only trouble is she is dressed as a bride and Benny has to carry her in his arms The director named John shouts "action" as Benny carrying Rita in his arms has to enter a room as she delivers her lines, Rita in true Radar voice quips "Barnaby, I'm just the happiest little ladle in the….Oh sorry John." Benny is looking more tired and the director ignores him and butters up Rita with "No it's okay, we're running, right take her out again. Right action." Benny takes Rita outside, then struggling brings her back in, Rita is enjoying every minute and again quips "Oh Bartleybee I'm just the…Oh I'm so sorry John." again the director pampers to her "It's okay sweetie, just relax. Plenty of film in the camera"
Rita replies "Okay" and he adds "Now are you okay?" Benny by this stage is ready to collapse as Rita casually says "Yes I'm okay now, carry on, it'll be alright" the director asks her "Not tired?" and Rita with not a thought for her co-star cheerfully replies "Noooo" again the director tells Benny "Alright take her outside" Benny takes her near the door, he is on the verge of collapse as Rita hams it up "Oh Barnaby, I'm just the happiest little lady in the whole land, do you love me?" as she finishes her words Benny falls back onto the bed exhausted with Rita on top of him
Note the set for this scene also features in the "Hotel Sordide" scene.

4th February 1970

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