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The Benny Hill Show changed channels in 1969 and it is these Thames productions that Rita Webb is probably best remembered from.
Rita's first appearance was in a non-speaking part at the end of the programme as the song "Aquarius" is heard, we see Benny sitting on a park bench next to a young woman. As he looks away from her he slowly moves his hand towards her, unbeknown to Benny she has left the bench and an old women has taken her place and is enjoying Benny's advances. When he realises whose hand he is holding he tries to get away from her, but she pursues him in chase-cue Rita, who comes strolling along the park playing the part of a policewoman. She comes to Benny's rescue and pulls the old woman away. As Benny walks off Rita eyes him up and down, fixing her tie she begins to follow him and as he runs away Rita runs after him in the now familiar speeded up chase routine accompanied by the shows catchy theme tune while the end credits roll.

25th December 1969

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