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By the time the "Eighties" had arrived, Rita Webb had been on our tv screens for 30 years, she may have still been a bit part player but she was instantly recognised and adored everywhere she went.More Benny Hill shows were added to her credits in 1980, she also appeared in a children’s TV series which would be broadcast shortly before her death in 1981.Six episodes of "Whizzkids Guide" were recorded in 1980 and her good friend and long-time screen partner in many a show "Arthur Mullard" also appeared along with "Kenneth Williams", "Sheila White" and "Patrick Newell" as the teacher. the cast featured in sketch form on the cover of "Look-in" comic although it was Arthur Mullard and Sheila White who took centre stage as the cover stars of the TV-Times for the programmes premier on ITV. And to think how great the cover would have been with Rita gracing it! 

Rita joined in the fun and games as "The Genie of the lamp" in a quick guest appearance in "Larry Grayson's Generation Game" popping her head out of the gold lamp she joyfully shouts at Larry "Hello Larry, I'm your Christmas Fairy" she is dressed in full pantomime gear and joins in the fun and games, the whole cast are seen at the end of the show waving goodbye.

One of Rita's last TV appearances came in 1981, when she was interviewed by "Bob Langley" on BBC's "Saturday Night At The Mill". This interview is a testament to Rita Webb's strength and love of life. She took centre stage and fed the crowd what they wanted, "fun love and smiles", telling them "If I mention the name 'Jeffie', that's my darling husband, to whom I’ve been married for 41 years" She looked "as fit as a fiddle", wearing her favourite green Caftan, little did the viewers know that four months later she would die of Cancer.
Her career may have ended by her untimely death in 1981, but years after her death, she is still "making em’ laugh" with the endless repeats of some of the finest shows she appeared on that are broadcast all over the world!

"Saturday Night at The Mill" - 1981

80's TV Listings

The Jim Davidson Show-21.02.80, Thames
The Benny Hill Show-5.03.80, Thames
Larry Grayson's Generation Game:25.12.80, BBC Christmas Pantomime sketch
The Benny Hill Show-07.01.81, Thames
3-2-1: Holidays Abroad-07.03.81, YTV Guest 
Whizz Kids Guide:Cheat At Exams-01.04.81, Southern 
Whizz kids Guide:Cheat At Athletics-08.04.81, Southern 
Whizz Kids Guide:School Reports-15.04.81, Southern 
Whizz Kids Guide:How To Do Lines-22.04.81, Southern 
Whizz Kids Guide:School Books And School Dinners-29.04.81, Southern 
Whizz Kids Guide:Winner Of Master Wit-06.05.81, Southern 
Saturday Night At The Mill-02.05.81, interview, BBC 
Live From Two-17.06.81,Interview, Granada
Now For Nookie-22.06.81, Space Traffic Warden, Southern

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