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Wall Of Death - 1956

Rita Webb Film Appearances

Directed By: Montgomery Tully

Part: Mrs Toms

Part of the Scotland Yard strand of films. Rita and her screen husband (played by Gordon Phillott) witness a motorcycle accident at a fairground. They are billed in the credits as Mr and Mrs Toms, although no reference to their names is actually given in the programme. Mr Toms tries to comfort his wife in a softly spoken voice 'it’ll be alright I tell you, they’ll have it out in a moment' Mrs Toms shrieks back at him 'How do you know they’ll have it out? You always know everything you do’ Mr Toms tries in vein to calm his wife 'But I tell you' he starts to say, only to be shouted down in mid sentence with another irate outburst from his wife, ‘They shouldn’t allow such dangerous acts, I didn’t want to come here in the first place, you know I can’t stand watching anybody get hurt, we should’ve gone to the all in wrestling where I wanted to'. The scene ends here as we see the motorcycle burst into flames.

This film was considered lost for many years until Network released the entire film series on DVD in January 2013.

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