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Rita Webb Film Appearances

VENOM - 1981



Rita's final film performance playing the part of nervous pet shop owner Mrs Loewenthal. She gets to hold a reptile and seems quiet at home as she is seen stroking it in her arms for the entire scene. Young Phillip Hopkins enters the shop, Rita appears from behind the back of the shop shouting "Who is it? who's there? what do you want? get away from here. Go on, go away and stay away". The boy finally gets his words out "I've come to pick up my litter. Phillip Hopkins, Oak Log" Rita becomes more relaxed "Oh of course, Phillip Hopkins. I'm sorry I didn't recognise you. How's your Grandfather? your box is here. You see Mr Loewenthal hasn't been very well, he had to go to the hospital this morning. I'm sorry I was rude to you, but boys are always sneaking in here you see and it upsets the animals." the boy takes his box and says "Well i'm sorry about Mr Loewenthal" he starts to walk towards the door, rita tells him "Thankyou" as he exits the shop you hear Rita talking to her pet reptile "His a nice boy Jacob, sit down Jacob"

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