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Rita Webb Film Appearances


Part: Woman in market

Appearing in one scene with Melvyn Hayes Rita shuffles across the market trying to buy fruit from the boys (the fruit is fake)
"I want a pound of them tomatoes" says Rita. Well yer can't have a pound of them tomatoes luv Their out of season. Melvyn Hayes replys. Rita continues to hassle him"out of season, our can they be out of season when you've got em' in the box there? Hayes retorts "yeah well, we've had a very hard summer".
Undetered Rita carries on"I'll have a pound of them mate" banter is hurled back at her"nah African foot rot".Rita looks puzzled, "African foot rot?" she cries,but still persists in trying to buy from the stool.
Rita get's told off again."ere look ere, if yer don't want the goods, don't muck em' about". Rita fires back "But I do want em', I wanna buy em that's what I come ere for". they get more shirty with her until Hayes fills her basket up with melons and pushes her away.
As Rita leaves she is seen and heard shouting "You're crackers, that's what's wrong with you, you're crackers, Gertcha" she slowely dissolves into the crowd, and is not seen again. Rita gets listed in the colourful credits at the end of the film. And her mop of flaming red hair stands out a treat.

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