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Rita Webb Film Appearances



Rita adored working with Gary Cooper in this rarely seen film. She appears in one brief scene as Cooper walks down the road Rita and a bunch of other cleaners are seen gossiping in the street. As he passes they stop and stare, he goes up the stairs to the house and the camera looks down onto the gruesome cleaners as Rita Quips "What do you want?" Cooper stares at them then carries on into the house, Rita marches into the house after Cooper "Who gave you the right to come barging in ere" she snaps "I was given this address for Jeremy Clay" Cooper replies. the scene inside the house is very dark,and shot at a distance as Rita continues to chat to Cooper at the opened front door,"By Who May I ask?" Cooper puts his hand in his trouser pocket and takes out some money, which he hands to Rita saying "By someone helpful" Rita grabs the money and heads outside with broom in hand remarking sarcastically "Pity we can't all be that way. Helpful that is" as she begins to laugh. 
Rita loved telling the story that hollywood legend "Gary Cooper" would drive her home in his limosene every night after filming promising to use her when he next made a film here. It was not to be he died not long after the film was released.

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