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Rita Webb Film Appearances




One of the final landlady parts for Rita, the first scene she appears in we only see her hovering outside the apartment door with a sneer on her face. in the second scene she answers the street doorwith a nervous "yes" to a group of men from Scorland Yard who want tocome in and ask her some questions, she nervously replies "Oh my", well yes I suppose you can, they follow her in and as she climbs the stairs she says "i hope i'm not in an trouble?" she is told that they had reports of someone being beaten up, Rita turns and gasps "Beaten up! where?" to which the reply is In flat 6, Iat this point the two young guys notice that the name is mising for tenanat 6 on the board) Rita continues upstairs saying "Oh that flats been empty for six weels or more, it's not very easy to get a decnet tenant these days yer know. (the shot continues as she opens the door to flat six) she says "Well i've been home all afternoon and there ain't no one been beaten up in this flat" she's asked what happened to the slim man with a beard that lived here,"Who" she calmly lies, "No one like that lives here, i've got one gentlemen, who's hard of hearing (she puts her hand to her ear) she's lying, C was on the floor, unconcious, I looked out the window, there was two men going over the wall, and we follewd em' Rita replies excitedly "You say you climbed out of that window there? (pointing to the window) that's right he replies, Rita spits back "Well I don't see how, that windows been stuck for years, it won't budge The window is checked and indeed it is stuck, covere in dust, the soundtrack music is polayed for suspense as we see Rita standing to attention in the middle of the room as the camera pans round her, the cheif says sorry for bothering her and leaves the room, Rita looks chuffed with herself and shrugs her shoulders as she gives a cunning look, she closes the door and heads down the passage, the officers leave and we see rita leaning over the balcony with a grin on her face as she says "Shut the door on yer way out, wontcha love" she gives a sniff then heads off down the hall and opens a door that has the bearded man from apartment 6 gagged and tied up, as he wriggles about Rita with delighted menace says "How yer feeling deary?" then slams the door shut.

Rita got some press coverage for her part in this movie as a sinister Landlady, the Sun newspaper for 5th February 1979 had a short article with the heading "Seriously It's Rita"

Dudley Sutton as Goetz, 

Middle photograph of Rita Webb on the set of The London connection courtesy of Geraldine Lewis nee Webb

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