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Rita Webb Film Appearances

Directed By: dAVID pALTENGHI

Part: Mrs Evans

Part of the Scotland Yard strand of films. Rita played the role of Mrs Evans, charwoman to Mrs Sanford. As the scene begins Mrs Evans is seen standing outside the large house waiting for the police to arrive, we next see the police car pull up as a policeman walks up to her and say 'Hello Mrs Evans, please come in', he unlocks the door and they walk into the house, closely followed by two more men. Mrs Evans walks into the front room followed by the superintendent who asks her ‘Mrs Evans?’ in which she replies some what peeved ‘I am’ in which he introduces himself ‘I’m superintendent Reynolds of Scotland yard, thank you for coming’ Mrs Evans still peeved replies ‘Thank you indeed, I didn’t have much choice’ he then produces a piece of material and asks ‘Mrs Evans have you ever seen this before?’ she excitedly responds ‘Ere where’d yer get that? A nice mess you’ve made of it I must say', Reynolds grimly tells her ‘It hasn’t been in a very nice place', and then asks ‘can you identify this as Mrs sanfords property?’she adamantly replies ‘No I can’t, it’s mine', Reynolds seems alarmed at this news and asks her ‘Do you mind telling us where you got it and how you lost it?’Mrs Evans asks nervously’ 'Why?’ with a stern response from Reynolds ‘I’ll ask the questions if you don’t mind, Mrs Evans', she pulls herself together and says ‘Alright, I got it for that woman, Miss Simms’ Reynolds asks her ‘Friend of yours?’ she quickly answers ‘A friend of the Mrs’ Reynolds confirms ’Mrs Sanfords?’She continues ‘Yes she was always visiting here, they were always shouting at one another’ Reynolds interrupts ‘Shouting? They quarrelled?’ Mrs Evans carries on ‘Course not, the Mrs is very death, even though she used to carry one of them death aid things’ Mrs Evans stands and watches nervously as Reynolds orders his men to look around the house.

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