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Rita Webb Film Appearances

Directed By: Kenneth Hume

Part: Manageress

Part of the Scotland Yard strand of films. In which Rita puts on her push voice to act superior and boss around Agnes (whom she calls young girl and is beautifully played by Priscilla Ogier) it's a nicely set up scene,Rita plays the part of the Laundry manageress, throughout the scene she is sitting behind a desk and begins by saying ‘You may be right, it may be a marking of this establishment, but I’m not prepared to accept it at the moment. I understood you to say it was a very old marking?’ sergeant replies ‘it only showed up plainly under the lamp, Rita continues ‘well we can but try, Agnes look up the G's in the file index,(Agnes scurries over to the filling cabinet)Rita carries on ordering her from behind the desk, ‘go on hurry up girl,(Agnes goes to the wrong draw) 'no the old file girl, and look for a G with the initial letter J, JG' , (Rita picks up a book on her desk) 'in the meantime will look amongst the G's here. You see sergeant our markings differ from time to time, until we adopted our present system, which we arrived at after a great deal of research, we have found from long experience that it's much better,(Agnes excitedly rushes back to the desk) 'ah Agnes has found a reference', Rita tries to take the file, but Agnes won’t let go of it, Rita then asks her ‘what is the number girl?’ Agnes replies smugly as she looks at the sergeant and flirts ‘ 581’ Rita repeats the number as she leafs through her books ‘581, we are indeed fortunate’ The sergeant asks hopefully, ‘So you can tell me now who JG was?’ Rita replies confidently ‘Of course’, again she asks Agnes who is clinging on to the file ‘what is the date of that entry girl?’Agnes flirts at the sergeant as she answers Rita’s query ‘February 1949’ Rita excitedly says ‘Ah, now I know which book to search, let me see, Goddard, Goldman, Grail, Grace, Grant-CH, Grant, J, Mrs,Rita looks up and tells the inspector the name he is after ‘ 'Mrs J Grant' the inspector takes note and says That sounds like it, what's the address? Rita gives him the details ‘Well it was 72 Princess Road.’ The scene ends here and merges into a brief scene at the address given (which features Eileen Way) although it looks like some more dialogue was shot with Rita at the end of this scene as it fades out.

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