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Rita Webb Film Appearances

FRENZY - 1972


Part: Mrs RUSK

Rita got to work with one of the all time greats "Alfred Hitchcock" in his final film! it's a pity it's so brief. Barry Foster as the sinister neck-tie murderer is her son, he introduces Rita (Mrs Rusk) to his friend Dick (the guy he stiches up), "This is my 'Ma', ma meet Dick Blainey, the best pilot who ever pulled a pint of beer"" Dick replies "Hello Mrs Rusk" and Rita cheerfully says"Pleased to meet you i'm sure" Rusk tells Dick "she livesdown in Kent, in the garden of England" Rita smiles and nods her head, then goes back inside. She is not seen again but her photo is,just before Rusk stiches Dick up he says "Home is the place where when you have to go there they have to take you in, that's what my old mum used to say, you met my mum didn't you, ah great old lady" and stands beside the picture of her on the mantle piece, the picture is also seen in the final scene of the movie when Dick goes to murder Rusk, the camera shoots across the room, on the bed is a murdered girl and to the right is the mantle and photo of mum (Rita)

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