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Rita Webb Film Appearances




Rita appeared as "Fanny's Mum" in this 1970's sex-comedy starring Robin Askwith. 
Rita, wearing a green head scarf and black coat, is on the war-path, searching for her daughter 'Fanny'. She sees a group of boys in the back of an open van and shouts, "Oi, oi you lot" as she brandishes her umbrella. "Look out boys it's me mother", cries Fanny as she hides behind the lads. Rita reaches the van and shouts "Have you seen my Fanny?" and Askwith replies, "Blimey, I saw the 'Curse of Frankenstein' - that was enough - ha ha". 
Rita spots Fanny's red knickers, and picking them up with her umbrella she says, "'Ere, they look like her knickers!" and looks at them in amazement as one of the boys replies, "They're his". Rita cries "His!" and trys to board the back of the van. The boys manoeuvre her to the side of the van, trying to keep her sweet, while Fanny, totally naked except for a loosely draped towel, escapes, and the boys make up a story about seeing Fanny in some photos. "What Photos?" Rita asks suspiciously as she spots yet more underwear and says, flabbergasted, "That's hers, I'd swear to it". She gets more irate as the lads start to drive away, Rita screams "'Ere where is she?". 
Rita spots "Fanny" and shouts at her, "So there you are, you dirty little cow you. I've been looking for you". She chases after Tony Booth hitting him with her umbrella shouting "It's all your fault, you pervert you". 
He jumps into the back of the moving van, and as it drives away you see Rita in the distance chasing Fanny, shouting "Come 'ere and put something on".

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