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Rita Webb's first appearance on 'The Arthur Haynes Show' is in the final sketch of the episode, appearing briefly towards the end of a fake seance scene between Arthur Haynes and Dermott Kelly as their rougish tramp characters, accompanied by Patricia Hayes as their landlady Mrs Higgins who pays five Bob for Dermott to contact her deceast lodger Bill Smith from the other side. Dermott goes into a trance and asks “if you are there Bill Smith knock once” with that 3 knocks are heard and all three characters look around the room., confused Dermott tells Arthur to get the knocking right and much banter between the two begins until Rita’s voice is heard off screen."Can you hear me? hello? can you hear me?" confused Dermot asks if it is Bill Smith and Rita opens the door and says."Nah its me, Mrs Briggs from downstairs, I thought Mrs Higgins would lend me a cup of sugar" Arthur impatiently responds, "Look Mrs we’re in the middle of something and shuffles her to the door, as she leaves he closes it and shouts out "You old Rat bag" the scene continues until the real Bill Smith turns up, alive and well and living in the loft for three months to avoid paying the rent

Episode available to buy on DVD from Networkonair (Volume Four)


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