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Rita Webb Film Appearances


Part: Mrs JOSEPH

One of Rita's best known film performances, and a real good one at that, she is seen in three scenes, the first is in the films opening, Rita gets on the number 15 bus and settles down next to Sidney Poitier exclaming "Au my bleedin' feet", Marion Stone turns around and starts to chat "Ohh, hello Mrs Joseph, Ohh I like yer hair, what do you call that, Strawberry Blonde?" Rita cackles back "Go on yer only jealous" and asks Stone "Ere Gert Whatcha got for the old mans supper tonight?" Stone replies"Him he'll be lucky to get faggots and peas pud he will", Rita laughs "Well he can't do much on that, can he hey" more laughs follow as Stone chuckles back "all I want him for is to keep me feet warm" at this point Rita pushes herself closer to Sidney Poitier "Excuse me deary" she says flirting like mad, then nods to Stone, laughs and says "Ere Gert I wouldn't mind this little lot in my stocking for christmas" Stone continues laughing along with everyone around them (except the bus conducter) "You wouldn't know what to do with it you've been a widow to long", Rita joyfully snaps back "You speak for yourself, it's like riding a bicycle yer never forget how" Stone replies laughing "I'll tell you what i'll do, i'll send my Alfie along to you his not bad once he gets going", Sidney smiles, but seems a bit embarrased as Rita gets the final laugh as she hoots "Well I hope his well sprung" great gawfs of laughter from Rita and Stone, Rita nudges the person on the next seat and continues laughing as the bus drives off down the street
The second scene sees Rita serving customers on a fruit stall, she sees Poitier and says "Well, hello Sir, we can't have you queueing up. It's Sir! he teaches our Maur up at North Quay. he's only got an hour for his lunch, that's all his got, now what'll it be Sir?" Poitier replies "Half dozen Oranges". Rita russles to the fruit "aw you'll like them, they're lovely and juicey."Horice played by Fred Griffiths hands Poitier some cake wrapped up in foil "Here you are Guv, Penny's wedding cake, Jeannie's older sister, she went and got married, so we thought we'd give you a bit of cake for luck, that was a lovely museum they went on, we'll have to do it again." Poitier thinks for a moment "Museum? ooh we were trying to arrange one a week" Rita buts in "Aw that'll be lovely, won't it Horice? The more education they learns the better, that's what I always say. It's a proper bleeder yer know, what with the bomb and all." Horice snaps back "It ain't the bombs, it's them bleeding foreigners, them yanks." Rita gets annoyed shouting "Shut your gob!, my gerts married to a yank and a proper nice gent he is he is an all. I thank you to keep your opinions to yourself!" Horice argues back "God all bloody mighty. The entente Cordale hey" Rita snaps again "Listen first cast the mote out of your own bleedin' eye before you cast the bomb out of mine!" she turns to finish serving Poitier saying "He's a proper faggot, ere you are you'll like them sir" Poitier walks away and Rita goes back to the queue at her stool shouting "Who's next? come on girls, speak up."
The final scene with Rita is very short as Poitier joyfully skips through the market Rita is polishing her fruit and shouts to him "Hello sir it's a lovely day ennit?" Horice sarcastically says "Your kid ain't top of the class" Rita gives him a funny look and a "Gertcha go down the pub" as they go out of shot.

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