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Rita Webb Film Appearances


Rita Webb plays opposite George Harrison Marks in this rarely seen cult classic Sex Comedy or does she? I have the 2004 White Stag Entertainment DVD 85 minute version of this film and although Rita's name appears in the opening and closing credits she does not appear in this version of the film!

Part of the segment Rita is billed as being in "The Theatre" is in the film and features the same dressing room set as the above photo I have of Rita Webb and a clown who I thought was George Harrison Marks but not entirely sure now as the Clown and Rita as Brunhilde are nowhere to be seen!


All becomes a bit more clearer if not annoying from Wikipedia.... The film was released on UK video three times during the early 1980s, the video releases contained a more explicit version of the film than had been shown in cinemas in the late sixties. However this version was also cut for length, reducing the running time from 95 minutes to 84 minutes. Omitted completely was the "Old Dark House" story as well as Rita Webb’s role. Footage from the "Future" sequence was also deleted, including the punch line.


Clips of some of the missing footage in this story was used in the 1995 BBC documentary Doing Rude Things. The same cut down for length version was later released on US DVD.


So my question is has anyone seen the version with Rita Webb intact? or better still have a copy they could share with me? please get in contact via the site contact page if you have any information.


Charles Gray...Narrator
Bruno Elrington    ...The Leader (segment "The Stone Age")
June Palmer...The Girlfriend (segment "The Stone Age")
Maj-Britt Mannson...The Secretary (segment "The Stone Age")
Julian Orchard...The Pharaoh (segment "The Egyptians")
Carol Hamilton...Queen Nefertiti (segment "The Egyptians") / Zero 2 (segment "The Future")
Max Bacon...Yossel (segment "The Egyptians")
Patricia Kluge...The Dancer (segment "The Egyptians") (as Patricia Rose)
Suzan Long...Lotus (segment "The Chinese")
S'Zeto...The Gardener (segment "The Chinese")
Dawn Grayson...Her Ladyship (segment "The Cavaliers")
Maya Zell...The Baroness (segment "The Cavaliers") / Zero 1 (segment "The Future")
David London...Jossop (segment "The Cavaliers") / The Psycho-analyst's Voice
Sue Bond...Serving Girl (segment "The Cavaliers")
Howard Nelson...Sir Rupert (segment "The Cavaliers")
William Hurndell...Sir Gregory (segment "The Cavaliers")
Steve Patterson    ...Horseman (segment "The Cavaliers")
Rusty Hood...Swordsman (segment "The Cavaliers")
Max Wall...Roundhead Leader (segment "The Cavaliers")
Rita Webb...Brunhilda (segment "The Theatre") Part deleted from DVD releases
Stuart Samuels...Theatre Manager (segment "The Theatre")
Dawn Williams...The Girl (segment "The Theatre")
Terry Duggan...The Policeman (segment "The Theatre")
Cardew Robinson...The Magistrate (segment "The Theatre")
Oliver MacGreevy...Hargreaves (segment "The Old Dark House")
Karen Klein...The Girl (segment "The Old Dark House")
Rena Brown...The Leader (segment "The Future")
Monique Devereaux...Girl in Command (segment "The Future")
Mona Brown...Nurse (segment "Harley St.")
Annette Johnson    ...Nurse (segment "Harley St.")
Toni Harrison Marks...The Psycho-analyst
George Harrison Marks...Cave Artist/Egyptian Slave/Mandarin/Greek Philosopher/Harrison de Chandelier/Great Marko/Professor/Poet
Maria Frost...Photographer's Model 
Josephine Harrison Marks...Baby
Pat Schaefer...
Li Wing    ...

George Harrison Marks...Director    
George Harrison Marks...writer
Terry Maher...associate producer
George Harrison Marks...producer
Harry Reuben...executive producer
Peter Jeffries-Music    
Terry Maher-Cinematography    
Peter Mayhew-Editor
Tony Roberts-Production Design    
Bunty artist
Hector Elwes...production manager
Derek Horne...production manager
David Alexander...assistant director
Stuart Samuels...assistant director
David Robert...    property master
John Latham...sound mixer
Len operator
Bob Sharman...focus puller
Dave Wright...assistant cameraM
Peter Jeffries...arranger / conductor
Gina Evans...Continuity

Runtime    1 hr 35 min (95 min) (UK)
1 hr 30 min (90 min) (USA)
1 Hr 25 Min (85 min) (DVD)
Sound Mix Mono
Color    Color (Eastmancolor)
Negative Format    35 mm
Printed Film Format 35 mm

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