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(Information and photo courtesy Keira Lockyer, Leonard's great niece and a Kyezor family historian.)

Photo's and information supplied by and copyright to Geraldine Lewis, Louise Webb, Allan & Marg Dale, Keira Lockyer
Additional information Aaron Smith
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Louis and Julia had 13 children over a 24 year period! Rose was the the last to be born, her siblings were Baron Isaac Kyezor (1852–1931) Benjamin Joseph Kyezor (1853–1930) Joseph Louis Kyezor (1854–?) George Kyezor (1857–1924)Joseph Harris Kyezor (1859–1923) Alfred Murray Kyezor (1861–1906) Flora Sophia Kyezor (1863–1948) Jessie Amelia Kyezor (1865–1870) Julia Amelia Kyezor (1868–1900) Harry Kyezor 1870–?)

Rose Jeannette Kyezor was born on Sunday 30th January 1876 at 110 Edgware Rd in Marylebone,London. Her Father, Louis Kyezor (1833-1887) was a watchmaker, who married Rose's Mother Julia Joseph (1834-1917) at Maiden Lane Synagogue on Wednesday 26th March 1851.

Eight years after her Father's death Rose married  Samuel Durlacher (born on Tuesday 1st June 1875 in Kippenheim, Ortenaukreis, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany) They were wed on Wednesday 18th September 1895 at Paddington Registry Office.

At the time of the wedding Rose was living at 41 Sutherand Avenue with her mother Julia.(who was a witness on the marriage certificate) Samuel lived at 70 Mildmay park and was a travelling wine merchant. 

Rose and Samuel had two sons together. Twins Leslie Joseph and Gordon Louis, born 10 months after their parents marriage in Paddington on Tuesday 24th March 1896 the marriage it seems did not last very long, although it is unclear when the couple divorced, Samuel would eventually remarry and have more children with his new wife, the Twins did not see their Father again as adults. He died in 1949

Rose Jeannette Webb

1876 - 1908

Rita Webb would barely remember her Mother Rose, tragically she died when Rita was only four years old, Rita did however cherish a picture she had of her mother when she was a young girl, which can be seen to the left!

Roses parents were married 36 years when it came to an abrupt end on Wednesday 6th July 1887 when Louis Kyezor died aged 54. at their home and the place where Rose was born, 110 Edgeware Road, she was 11 years old at the time and it must have been a devastating blow to the whole family

Above Leslie & Gordon Durlacher

Samuel Durlacher

Julia Kyezor

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Undated photograph of Rose

Roses's children Leslie, Gordon, Rita & Henry (inset)

By 1901 Rose was living at 5 Priory Park Rd in Willesden with the 5 year old twins, mother Julia (who had a 19 year old Irish servant) Rose was  friends with  Lillian Davison and Jeannie Cohen a school teacher. (who were listed as visitors on the 1901 census)

Henry Augustus Webb

Rose would marry for the second time when she met Book keeper Henry Augustus Webb. it's unclear whether Rose was already divorced from Samuel Durlacher when she met Henry, or if she had an affair while still married and this caused the divorce? but since the couple married on Saturday 18th July 1903 at Hendon registry office. (Her friend Jeannie Cohen was a witness.) and Seven months later Rose gave birth to her only daughter Olive (Rita) Webb at 87 Hartland Road, Hendon on 25th February 1904  it's more than likely the mother of twin boys to a previous marriage had little choice but to marry again, alhough by all accounts it does seem that rose and Gus did love each other.  it was also while living at 87 Hartland Rd that the twins went to St Augustine s school (a surviving school register states their admission as 11th April 1904 and Henry was listed as their Father) two years later the family had moved again and were living at 12 William Street, and on Sunday 4th February 1906 21 days before Rita's second birthday, Rose gave birth to her third and final son Henry Richard Webb.

By 1908 the family were living at 8 Hurlbutt Cottages, Hurlbutt place in Newington Butts where it seems the family lead a happy life. Unfortunately the happines was not to last when Rose became ill,  family fondly remebered Rose being taken in her wheelchair to the theatre by her husand Gus


Eventually  she was taken to Southwark Infirmary where she died of Breast cancer on Friday 26th June 1908 she was 32 years old. Rose was buried in Manor Park cemetery

Undated photograph of Rose

Memorial card for Rose

The area where Rose Webb was buried at Manor Park cemetery photographed in August 2017 when her Granddaughter Louise Webb and this sites owner visited 

Rose's Grandfather Louis Kyezor snr was born in Cambridge about 1794 (his Father Isaac Kyezor was born in Germany and came to Cambridge where he died in 1841) Louis bought a considerable amount of land in Whitton in the late 1830's, where he lived in his later years. He was murdered by an angry tenant named Thomas Hydon Green on 11th October 1869. The case drew much coverage in the newspapers of the time and became known as "The Whitton tragedy" Louis Kyezor was called "The King Of Whitton" and much as been written and researched about his life and the tragedy that befell him, most notably in a book by Harold Pollins and Vic Rosenware., and extensive family research and books by his great, great, great granddaughter Keira Quinn Lockyer

On a foot note, Rose's older brother Benjamin Joseph Kyezor (1853-1930) Had a son Leonard Keysor (1885-1951) who was awarded the VC (Victoria Cross) while serving with the Australian Infantry Forces, following the battle of Lone Pine, Gallipoli in 1915.(Benjamin Kyezor changed the spelling of the family name to Keyzor in 1890 and Leonard was awarded the VC under the name of Leonard Keyzor. However, the official gazette announcement misspelt his name as Keysor and so Leonard changed his name to Keysor by deedpoll in 1920) an illustrated article about Leonard can be seen here

Leonard Keysor VC 1885-1951

Rose's aunt Matilda Kyezor (1837-1909) married a man named Henry Lewis Heilbron (1829-1883) the couple had 9 children and the first child born Sophia Flora Heilbron (1857-1944) became a huge success as a pianist and composer in the 1860s and early 1870s who played before royalty and the aristocracy. She married Ferdinand Saloman on 12th May 1876 in New York City where she died 0n 9th January 1944

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