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Remembering Judith Howard (1945-2019)

Updated: Jan 25

Judith Howard
Judith Howard

It is with great sadness that I write this post on Judith Howard who passed away Saturday 26th January 2019 after battling ill health for some time.

Judith was related to Rita Webb via Rita's Father's second marriage to Judith's Grandmother and first made contact with me via the site in June 2007 and was always extremely generous with her time and enthusiastic in answering my many questions on family events as well as supplying a wealth of photographic material that can be enjoyed throughout this site.

She took great pride in her house and garden, which was a marvel to see and was open several times a year as part of the National Garden Scheme where all profits went to Cancer charities. The first time I met Judith was in that house and I soon found out that her bark was worse than her bite and she and her husband Alvin made me feel extremely welcome!

Judith was also a keen writer and was part of a creative writing class for many years, she was always very encouraging towards me in my own research and writing, as well as giving my spirits a much needed boost on several occasions, most importantly after my mother died and I had told her about the nightmares I was having, she wrote me this touching note: "Although she is gone, it is not that she will ever go from your heart and thoughts and although one wouldn't recommend nightmares to anyone, sometimes it is a great comfort to dream about people that you love and have lost. After all there must have been weeks and maybe even months when you didn't see your mother because of circumstances, it didn't make her less real in your thoughts and death is really just an extension of that. In many ways you are very lucky to have had such a loving relationship with her and to have such wonderful memories." I hold those words of wisdom dear to my heart and hope it may help in some small way for her own family to read at this moment in time.

Judith and Alvin were married for over 46 years and along with their daughter Charlotte and later Charlotte's husband Moray they are an extremely close and loving family, Judith loved telling me about what they were getting up to and the fantastic holidays and days out they all had including birthday treats and collecting Porcelain as well as the odd occasion appearing on television (although she was more delighted about Charlotte's tv moments and acting career!) and of course relaxing in her beloved garden and meeting up with friends, she was a larger than life personality who will be sorely missed to all who had the good fortune in knowing her throughout her life.

The above picture of Judith was taken at the wedding of Charlotte and Moray in 2016 (photo credited to Owen Benson) Judith designed the hat and jacket herself and looks radiant in those fine bright colours she adored so Much!

Rest in peace dear Judith, I will miss you being around.



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