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Rita's Bleedin' Moments! #33

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Rita Webb makes me laugh so much in this clip as a nosy neighbor more interested in who's knocking at her neighbors than opening her own front door! The scene is from the 1962 film "Sparrows can't Sing" starring Barbara Windsor (who incidentally is on the other side of the door that's being knocked on, shouting "Who's that knocking the door down" as Rita moves closer and disclaims "Yer see I told yer they were in" as Barbara spits out "She's such an old gasser that woman" the film is also notable for being the last film legendary character actress Edie Martin appeared in (sadly Rita and Edie did not have a scene together) it's a great film with loads of character actors and location footage of buildings that do not exist today!

Rita Webb
Rita Webb

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