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Rita Webb in colour 1965!

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Rita Webb
Rita Webb

A Few days Ago I received a smashing email from Robin Dunn which included some fantastic colour photographs of Rita Webb & Dermot Kelly at a party in 1965, Robin has generously allowed me to post them on this site! here's what he wrote to me:

Hi Aaron - I thought that you might be interested in these pics from Christmas 1965 taken at MGM film studios (Borehamwood) children’s Christmas party in 1965. My father (George Dunn) - the guy in the specs - was the power house electrical engineer (MGM had its own power station!). He founded and ran the sports and social club. Rita and Dermot Kelly were working down the road at the then ATV studios on the Arthur Haynes TV show and my dad got them to attend the MGM party to give out prizes and such. Dermot even wore his trade-mark dirty raincoat. As you no doubt know he played ‘Irish’, Haynes’ side-kick in the tramp section of the show. The prints are rather small but they’ve not come up too badly. I did a bit of work on them. No idea who took the pics. MGM closed in 1970. One of the last films was The Dirty Dozen. We lived with 2001 - A Space Odyssey for four years until its completion in 1968. It was partly that (then costly) film that lead to the studio closing! My dad did get Stanley Kubrick to donate his snooker table to sports club; he could chat anyone up!



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