BIOGRAPHY: George Robert Webb


Very little is known about Gus's older brother George Robert Webb, he was born on 18th April 1878 in Hampstead ,with his two younger brothers he attended St Mary's School and then Netherwood Street School on 3rd December 1891 whilst living at 31 Kenilworth Road. He married Lydia Mary Marshall on 23rd November 1898 at St Saviour's Church in Paddington. The couple had two daughters, Gladys Maud Webb, born on 22nd June 1899 at 5 Fordingley Road, Paddington and Irene Muriel Webb on 26th March 1902 at 10 Chippenham Gardens, Willesden (George registerd Glady's Birth and Lydia registered Irene's)George served in South Africa in the Boar War and seldom returned home. he was presumed dead at some point and Lydia decided to remarry, at this point George reappeard (apparently he had settled and had a family in South Africa) he tried to blackmail Lyddie, who gave him a large sum of cash to clear off, which he did and was never seen again.