Rita's Bleedin' Moments! #30

Rita Webb in a quick gag scene from "The Benny Hill Show" from 1977 after she says these lines Benny appears on camera as the director and turns the Chimpy sign around to reveal what it actually says "2p off" and Rita walks off set in despair. #RitasBleedinMoments

Rita's Bleedin' Moments! #29

Rita Webb played harridan Britannia Lee to perfection in Ken Loach's 1965 TV play play "3 Clear Sundays" in this scene the scheming Britannia has just been told her son Danny's girlfriend Rosa is pregnant and her response is startling! #RitasBleedinMoments

Rita's Bleedin' Moments! #27

Rita Webb pops up in Bruce Forsyth's Generation Game from 1973 for this weeks RBM! She plays Mrs Hudson in a scene with Harry H Corbett as Sherlock Holmes. #RitasBleedinMoments

Rita Webb Britain's Best Loved Character Actress